Arts UVB76 @ We are Europe

UVB76: Going 360

For this new entry in our series of videos taken in residency, we meet the mysterious French-Russian duo UVB76.

Arts PIP @ We are Europe

Nightclubs as Social Sculptures - An Exchange with PIP's Steven Van Lummel

During European Lab, we chatted with the man behind The Hague's iconic venue, someone who sees clubs as social sculptures. He shares his thoughts on a somewhat bleak future for the scene on a European level, while entertaining the idea that embracing chaos could help us come to terms with the changes we encounter.

Arts Gaza @ We are Europe

Living in Gaza, an Exchange with Mahmoud Alhaj

Following the recent situation in Gaza, we took the time to talk with a man working as an art teacher to kids in the area. Through his testimony, you can hear the voices of the children he works with and their hopes for a future free of war.

Arts Alllone @ We are Europe

Alllone Gives Us an Insider's Look into Graz's Cultural Scene

A few weeks ago, we asked Graz-based duo Alllone to send us names of bands and acts that were representative of their local scene. What we got in return is what you can hear when you plug an aux cord into Graz's rich cultural DNA.

Arts Ikram Bouloum @ We are Europe

Ha-bb5: A Conversation with Ikram Bouloum

With Ha-bb5, Ikram Bouloum released a deeply personal, multilingual, theatrical and sometimes intriguing piece of music. Through this interview, we meet the artist behind the blur.

Arts Obi @ We are Europe

OBI, a Musical Journey

We sat down with Nigerian artist OBI during his residency at Le Sucre (Lyon, France) in January 2021, to talk about migration and mobility of artists.


Niño de Elche, Unsubmissive Flamenco

Niño de Elche is one of the We are Europe faces. He answered our questions, to explain his work and his vision of the artists' role in today's society


Forensic Architecture: The Contemporary Art Of Investigation

Forensic Architecture founder Eyal Weizman recently released a book in which he explains the agency's methods. In 2019, Stefanos Levidis from Forensic Architecture was involved in European Lab, where he went through one of the cases they worked on: a good way to understand how the research agency operates.


Time to Heal: The Pharmacological Effects of the Arts

Discussing the potential of the arts to heal in times of lockdown, in partnership with Artsformation (a platform exploring the intersection between arts, society and technology) and European Alternatives.

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