Arts Simili Gum @ We are Europe

A Walk Through the Audio-Visual Aisle

In this comparative case study, Antoine Boj confronts the media stratégies of independent and contemporary artists: Simili Gum and Graham Mushnik. What can their communication habits reveal?


Voicenotes From The Netherlands: Afro-Dutch Music

We partnered up with the team from Nique la Radio to create three special episodes of Faya, a podcast travelling across dancefloors all around the world. This second episode takes us to the Netherlands and its musical scene born out of the cultural influences of Suriname, South-America, the Caribbean and North Africa.

Arts Obi Bora @ We are Europe

21 Newcomers: OBI Live in Lyon

We caught up with Nigerian artist now based in Lyon OBI, for a charismatic live performance, as part of De Concert's (an international association of 27 festivals) latest initiative.

Arts Pamela Badjogo @ We are Europe

In Residency - Pamela Badjogo

In early 2021, Pamela Badjogo and her crew of musicians/friends, held a week-long residency at Le Sucre in Lyon, to work on the live rendition of her latest album "Kaba".

Arts MIMI @ We are Europe

Textures, Rhythm and Flora: A Conversation with M I M I

Few are capable of integrating field recordings of forest escapades into a packed club in the manner that MIMI does. This quality could be explained by a heightened sensibility, a deep empathy or a peculiar understanding of natural spaces. To find out, we exchanged with the Belgian DJ and sound artist minutes after her set for Nuits sonores Bruxelles.

Arts Azu Tiwaline @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets... Azu Tiwaline

Azu Tiwaline’s "Magnetic Service" EP, featured on British imprint Livity Sound, took her touring to all parts of Europe, from Lyon’s Nuits sonores, to Brussels’ MUCEM, to Graz’s Elevate Festival, were we had the opportunity to chat with her.

Arts UVB76 @ We are Europe

UVB76: Going 360 part.2

The second part of our project documenting the work of French-Russian duo UVB76, from preparing an audio visual experience in residency, all the way to the performance, in front of the audience.

Arts Birds Signals for Earthly Survival @ We are Europe

In Residency: Bird Signals for Earthly Survival

It is rare to be able to witness eerie propositions such as this one. Birds Signals for Earthly Survival, presented for the first time at Le Sucre during Nuits sonores, merged poetry, music and environmentalism in a unique fashion. We took this opportunity to capture images and sounds from the perfomance as well as words from the protagonists.

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