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Culture: Reset!

We are embarking on the next phase of our project, with the launch of a new website and media platform. Aimed at reporting throughout the year on the cultural transformations shaping the Europe of tomorrow, it will feature stories from all over the continent, as told by the very people driving these changes.

Read « Manifesto: A New European and Online Media Platform »


Forensic Architecture: The Contemporary Art Of Investigation

Forensic Architecture founder Eyal Weizman recently released a book in which he explains the agency’s methods. In 2019, Stefanos Levidis from Forensic Architecture was involved in European Lab, where he went through one of the cases they worked on: a good way to understand how the research agency operates.

Nightivism Kaiku Club

Club To Cloud #03 — Kaiku (Helsinki)

Third episode of our “Club To Cloud” series highlights the work of renowned Helsinki-based Kaiku club, with Mikko Anisimoff who’s in charge of communications & marketing


The Night is a Space of Culture, Creation & of Democratic Effervescence

In this tribune, Arty Farty director Vincent Carry shares his vision on the role of the night culture in today’s society. He highlights how the current democratic and social movements, the struggle against authoritarian regimes and the great youth movement for climate issues, find an echo in the night and in its cultural, artistic, festive, and collective representation.


Time to Heal: The Pharmacological Effects of the Arts

Discussing the potential of the arts to heal in times of lockdown, in partnership with Artsformation (a platform exploring the intersection between arts, society and technology) and European Alternatives.


Club To Cloud #02 — Drugstore (Belgrade)

Second episode of our Club To Cloud series highlights the work of Belgrade-based Drugstore club, with Branislav Jovancevic, the venue’s program director, also known as Kӣr.

WAE Mixes #01 — Andria

We are Europe is kicking-off its mix series featuring Belgrade-based Andria, a resident of local club Drugstore and a talented producer.


The Dancefloor As a Political Arena

At the heart of the dancefloors of the world, the capacity of bodies to connect us through movements, contacts, co-presence and the way in which they allow some to claim their identities or their fights make them tools of individual and collective emancipation.


Club To Cloud #01 — Opium (Vilnius)

We are Europe is launching a new series of articles to showcase and support European nightclubs. The nightlife sector is just one of those that has been hugely impacted by the pandemic, which is why we wish to show our support for all the people and teams behind these essential cultural venues. To launch the series, we caught up with Vidmantas Čepkauskas from Opium, the iconic club in Vilnius. As the club’s artistic director, Vidmantas shares his vision for the political role occupied by the club scene.


Black Techno Futures: Local and Global Perspectives

A discussion which took place at Unsound festival exploring the conditions of working as a black person in the music industry, diving into challenges and how things need to change for black people to survive and flourish.

Planet: Reconnect

Irina Nalis on Human Nature and Future Societies

Irina Nalis is a psychologist, cyclist, reader and techno veteran. We met with her ahead of Elevate Festival 2020 for a conversation around the festival’s main theme, “Human Nature”.

64 Faces of We are Europe: Despina Trivolis

Their voices and narratives are shaping the future of Europe: in this episode, we meet with journalist, editor and digital strategy consultant Despina Trivolis.

We believe in a European cultural community made up of actors promoting a vision of culture that is independent, connected, innovative and forward-looking. Explore our map, locate and connect with some of them.

The cultural venues and organisations listed below as of now are all Reset! signatories.
The list will expand shortly as the project is being developed.

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