We’re always on the lookout for stories that may have slipped under our radar.

We aim to report throughout the year on the cultural transformations shaping the Europe of tomorrow and to collaborate with writers, creators and contributors from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries. By fostering greater cooperation on a wider scale, we hope that this online platform will facilitate the circulation of ideas throughout the continent and cement bonds between communities, generations and territories.

What we’re looking for

We’re open to content in various formats: short stories, long reads, videos, podcasts, multimedia content. The topics that we’re particularly interested in — the ones that we believe are key to shaping the future of Europe — are covered in our main collections:

Beyond the City — rethinking the future of cities and highlighting emerging cultural projects located in Europe’s rural areas.

Arts — uncovering emerging aesthetics, technologies, cultural movements and new artistic scenes in Europe.

Agora Europe — discussing democracy all over Europe and beyond.

Nightivism — putting club culture and dance floors at the forefront of social and political change.

Cyber Space — assessing the influence of new technologies on our social and cultural practices, and working out where society might be headed next.

Planet: Reconnect — reflecting on our relationship with the ecosystems that surround us and our natural environment.

Culture: Reset! — showcasing the independent cultural actors and initiatives that are shaping the European culture of tomorrow.

Guidelines and publishing terms

Please send a 250-word pitch and a short bio to hello@weare-europe.eu. We are happy to consider proposals matching any of the topics and formats stated above.

Selected stories will be published in English and, optionally, in other European languages. They will be remunerated accordingly.

Promotional content will not be published nor considered by our team.

Calls for contributions

We will regularly send out specific calls for contributions on topics that particularly matter to us. The first of these is on the Future(s) of Festival(s). Head over to the dedicated page to find out what we’re looking for, then send your pitch to hello@weare-europe.eu before 8 February 2021.