From folk-infused sensations to futuristic r&b rhythms, (re)discover SónarCCCB's 2021 performance programme.

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The 19 year old prodigy, hailing from Barcelona, delivers an enchanting performance, a cocktail of afro cuban music, jazzy rhythms and electronic waves. Have a sip.

Verde Prato

Formerly part of formations Mazzmora and Serpiente, Ana Arsuaga goes solo with Verde Prato, a project invoking the powerful aura of traditional folk songs of the Basque Country. This live performance explores the catalogue of ‘Kondaira eder hura’ (That beautiful story), her first opus.

Space Afrika

Manchester-based duo of Josh Reidy and Joshua Inyang blend sonic mirages translating spaces into music. Sometimes dark, sometimes gleaming, always eery, this performance’s twists and turns will take you on a voyage.

Iro Aka

Popping up simultaneously in the local vinyl joints racks and the decks of Barcelona’s underground parties, the duo’s name is quickly becoming a staple in the city’s scene. Listen to their Djset below to understand why.

Sau Poler Live

Sau Poler’s playful productions return with Nocturno, an opus crafted between 2018 and 2020 in the artists’ own studio in Badalona. Listen to the live rendition of this sonic experimentation below.


A euphoric, extatic, luminar blend, offered by Arj0na and ETM common project Palica, a product of ideas and sounds from both producers. Trance-like compositions and wild arpeggios ahead.


An experimental proposition where minimalism meets ethereal states through the vibration of guitars and carefully placed keyboard inputs. Materia presents an illusive live performance, born out an exchange of sonic elements between two friends.

Rakky Ripper

After growing up under the influence of magical girls (think Sailor Moon) and 2000s pop singers (Britney Spears, or Natalia, to name a Spanish counterpart), Rakky Ripper created a style of her own, dipping toes in the rivers of emo-rock, teen movies and hyperpop. Get in loser, we’re going dancing.


With her latest release Ex Novo (2021), Belén Vidal aka BFlecha takes a futuristic approach to r&b, merging organic and mechanical elements. Listen to her entranced performance below.


An unexpected collaboration between the folk vocalist Emmanuelle Parrenin and minimal sorcerer Detlef Wienrich responsible for the Tolouse Low Trax. The name? “Jours de Grève” (Days of strike), not surprising for an album born as the Gilets Jaunes‘ movement was at its peak. And the music? See below.

Sónar CCCB also offered a selection of discourses, tackling themes ranging from the carbon impact of internet cookies and the metaverse. See our selection here.

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