Who we are

We are Europe is a Creative Europe project, launched in 2015 and powered by c/o pop Festival & ConventionElevateInsomniaNuits sonores & European LabReworks Festival & Reworks AgoraSónar & Sónar+DTodaysArt and Unsound.

Why We are Europe?


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We are Europe was created out of a will to formulate and advance a new vision of Europe, powered by its activists, change makers, artists and citizens. In just over five years, the events we have organised around the continent and further afield have enabled hundreds of people to meet, share ideas and collectively rethink our present and future.

What we do

Co-curation activities — We are Europe’s artistic directors and curators work together to co-curate special festival programmes, introducing artists and speakers to new audiences and shining a light on emerging artistic scenes.

The Faces of We are Europe — our annual selection of change makers who have inspired us thanks to their talent, commitment and conviction. These are the people who are driving political, social, cultural and artistic change and shaping the future of European culture.

Overseas events — we cross oceans to build partnerships with other cultural scenes, territories and continents.

Where we’re going

The last few years have seen significant change in the cultural and creative industries. This has been caused not only by technological progress and the outbreak of COVID-19, but also by the powerful impact of social movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter. As cultural actors, we must address and respond to these changes. We have a duty to reflect on our activities, practices, events and, most importantly, to amplify the voices of those who are fighting for fairer societies. 

Although such a context is full of challenges, a European digital media platform such as ours can create a new space in which to share the cultural transformations that are shaping the Europe of tomorrow. This platform will feature stories throughout the year and from all over the continent, as told by the very people who are driving change in all areas of society.