We caught up with Nigerian artist now based in Lyon OBI, for a charismatic live performance, as part of De Concert's (an international association of 27 festivals) latest initiative.

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: Alice Lacouture

In the current state of our scene, pulled about by the ongoing health, financial, ecological (dare I say more?) crisis, moments of live musical experience become a scarce currency, and a welcomed release valve for the audience – especially since the recent backwash of the epidemic, closing borders, shutting down venues and shushing concerts.

It’s in this context, desperate for a breath of fresh air, DE Concert – an international association of 27 festivals created in 2004 – launched “21 Newcomers”, a selection of live performances by artists supported by the members of the association, captured either in a classic concert / festival setting or as an exclusive. This effort wishes to promote up and coming projects in the live music circuit.

Our staff favorites? A tropicalia-infused act from João Selva, bringing heat to the cold mountains of Radio Meuh Festival, a volcanic performance from the guru-rappers-musicians (take your pick) Quinze Quinze and 2 singles from singer-songwriter OBI, recorded by We are Europe in association with Nuits sonores.

For this live performance, we met with OBI and his crew of musicians on a concrete, graffiti-filled basketball court located in Croix-Rousse, the fourth district of Lyon – the Nigerian artist’s city of adoption.

See a live rendition of “Turn Around”, an extract of Black Prayers, the artists debut album, and “Baby be Ma” a track yet to be released.

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David Bola is the content editor of We are Europe Media. Formerly working at Radio Nova as a freelance journalist and hosts a monthly residency on Piñata Radio‘s soundwaves, with Ludotek, a show focused on video game music. 

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