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How can we pierce art and culture's filter bubbles? Some very inspiring music creators and makers gave their answer as part of Sónar+D.

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Photo credit: Nikoline Nik

In this fourth episode Jack Bridges (Soundcloud), Andrea Rosen (product owner at Traktor), Mate Galic (co-founder of Native Instruments) and David Möllerstedt (the co-founder and Head of Audio at Teenage Engineering) discuss the potential of new creative tools and technologies in relation to DJing and music creation—whether it is pushing the boundaries of what artists are able to do or democratising access to such creative practices.

They also expressed their vision on the culture of tomorrow, much more mixed according to them. On their level and as part of their own activities, they want to build and propose new tools to empower people to make music. This upcoming wave of new producers might be a way to pierce the filter bubbles in tomorrow’s art and culture.

A video produced in partnership with Tendencias TV.

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