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Events organisers, artists and creative actors discuss the role of festivals as well as the power of creativity in shaping new ideas in today's society.

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Photo credit: Nikoline Nik

In this first chapter of our new series “Technologies & Culture”, created with Tendencias TV we discuss the futures of culture with people involved in the festival and creative sectors. Antònia Folguera (Sónar+D), Ksenia Ermoshina (Citizen Lab), Ralph Christoph (c/o Pop), Olof Van Winden (TodaysArt) and Mans O (artist). They all consider that events like music festivals offer hope as spaces to discuss freely, share and disseminate ideas. They are not only a “meeting point” and a space for people to dance and enjoy music: they are essential places that have a considerable role to play in pushing forward new topics and ideas.

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