WAE Mixes #01 — Andria

We are Europe is kicking-off its mix series featuring Belgrade-based Andria, a resident of local club Drugstore and a talented producer.

Club To Cloud #02 — Drugstore (Belgrade)

Second episode of our Club To Cloud series highlights the work of Belgrade-based Drugstore club, with Branislav Jovancevic, the venue's program director, also known as Kӣr.

The Dancefloor As a Political Arena

At the heart of the dancefloors of the world, the capacity of bodies to connect us through movements, contacts, co-presence and the way in which they allow some to claim their identities or their fights make them tools of individual and collective emancipation.

Black Techno Futures: Local and Global Perspectives

A discussion which took place at Unsound festival exploring the conditions of working as a black person in the music industry, diving into challenges and how things need to change for black people to survive and flourish.

64 Faces of We are Europe: Despina Trivolis

Their voices and narratives are shaping the future of Europe: in this episode, we meet with journalist, editor and digital strategy consultant Despina Trivolis.

Irina Nalis on Human Nature and Future Societies

Irina Nalis is a psychologist, cyclist, reader and techno veteran. We met with her ahead of Elevate Festival 2020 for a conversation around the festival's main theme, "Human Nature".