Pamela Badjogo @ We are Europe

In Residency - Pamela Badjogo

In early 2021, Pamela Badjogo and her crew of musicians/friends, held a week-long residency at Le Sucre in Lyon, to work on the live rendition of her latest album "Kaba".

Unsound Festival @ We are Europe

Voicenotes from Warsaw: Political Club Music

We partnered up with the team from Nique la Radio to create three very special episodes of Faya, a podcast travelling across dancefloors all around the world. For this first one, we're headed all the way to Warsaw to meet up with local artists and activists who are fighting to preserve their music scenes and create safer night spaces for all.

Asfast @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets... Asfast

In August, we were lucky to take part in the Elevate 2021 edition. Held in Graz, the 5 day event proposed a selection of European thinkers and artists, presenting their craft into the city's iconic spaces. We took this opportunity to chat with them about their projects.

Rare Candy 3D @ We are Europe

Reworks Talks - Insights on "NFT Culture"

In this conversation recorded during the 2021 edition of Reworks Agora in Thessaloniki, we exchange with Rosspeili, NFT advisor from virtual art publishing house Rare Candy 3D, on the discourses surrounding cryptocurrencies within our governmental structures. How are European legislators preparing for the spread of these new practices? What should the public do in anticipation of the democratisation of crypto-practices?

Rokia Bamba @ We are Europe

Troubling Archives and Radiophonic Sound Waves: A Conversation with Sound Director Rokia Bamba

Through her relationship to the radiophonic medium, her work on colonial archives and her performances as a DJ in events linked to the LGBTQIA+ community, Rokia Bamba draws a canvas in which sound waves and activism are tethered. We met the radio anchor, DJ and sound director at Café Congo in Brussels, for a conversation as part of Nuits sonores Brussels & European Lab Brussels.

Deep Authentic: Dive Back into Unsound's Discourses

From the 13th to the 17th of October, Unsound Festival brought music, performances and discourses to Krakow's cultural venues. After an unprecedented sequence, it was important to restart, but also - more than ever - to discuss. Fortunately, Unsound's discourses are now available online.

MIMI @ We are Europe

Textures, Rhythm and Flora: A Conversation with M I M I

Few are capable of integrating field recordings of forest escapades into a packed club in the manner that MIMI does. This quality could be explained by a heightened sensibility, a deep empathy or a peculiar understanding of natural spaces. To find out, we exchanged with the Belgian DJ and sound artist minutes after her set for Nuits sonores Bruxelles.

Lukas Lauermann @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets... Lukas Lauermann

Austrian composer Lukas Lauermann discusses latest album IN and bringing narration into a musical project in this brief interview recorded during Elevate's 2021 edition.

Marcell Mars @ We are Europe

We are Europe meets... Marcell Mars

Activist and advanced internet user Marcell Mars breaks down the inner workings of his virtual tools, that could help bring knowledge to remote parts of the world, by printing entire books and manuals, even without an internet connection.