Are We Europe Canal 180 @ We are Europe

Canal180 & Are We Europe on European Media Platforms

This cross conversation between Are we Europe and Canal 180 is centered on the topic of European media organizations and how they’re able to reaffirm their independence, while adapting to shifting power dynamics in the world of information. 

Apodec Tenia Menegaki @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets... Tenia Menegaki

Last year, we caught up with Tenia Menegaki as part of our coverage of the Reworks Agora forum held in Thessaloniki. Here’s what happened.

Aurora Budapest @ We are Europe

Resistant and Resilient: Perspectives for Independent Culture in Hungary

To cultural independents dismay, Viktor Orban kept his majority following Hungary’s 2022 election. This setback called for an overview of the independents situation in the country. What are the institutional or structural obstacles that threaten cultural independents activity? Are there any windows of hope? In this piece, researcher, community advocate & policy adviser Levente Polyak describes a threatened, but still beating sector.

Club To Cloud #10 - Le Sucre

Independent stage designer and music journalist Axel Simon explores the stage design of French Nightclub Le Sucre, based on the rooftop of a former sugar factory in Lyon. Should venues like this embrace their “club” identity in the cultural landscape? How can scenography reflect the persona of residents and invited collectives? In this interview, we explore these topics with stage designer Léa Chaix and programmer Pierre Zeimet.

A Conversation with QuinzeQuinze Collective

QuinzeQuinze holds a unique position in the French music scene. The five-member band – or rather collective – was born out of a course they took together at art school, which had them create musical and visual pieces every two weeks (hence their name, that can be translated as “fifteen fifteen”). Even today, the influence of their artistic background is omnipresent in their videos, costumes and graphics: they have managed to craft their own universe that is also fed by the Polynesian origins of two band members. We had a conversation after their performance at Nuits sonores on their origins, mythology in their work and car bass in Tahiti.