Lala &ce @ We are Europe

Lala &ce, Ethereal Face of Nuits sonores 2022

It is more than due time to introduce the world to the French rapper, half-Ivorian, who has been living between London and Paris for a few years now, Lala &ce, born out of the cloud rap made by new generations fed by the internet, auto-tune and slowed-down voices that melt into the bases until they peddle their own particular sonic mist. This is the face we have chosen to talk about the ever original programme of Lyon's Nuits sonores 2022 festival (25-29th May), which reinvents itself after two years of pandemic and existential questioning.

City Guides Lyon @ We are Europe

City Guides - Lyon

Deep dive into Lyon's local scene with some of its figures. We explore bookstores, bars, webradios, clubs and more with local DJs, producers and record shop owners who helped define the scene.

Horst Festival @ We are Europe

Club to Cloud #08 - Horst Festival

Independent stage designer and music journalist Axel Simon explores the stage design of Belgian festival Horst, based in industrial site ASIAT-Vilvoorde. In this interview, co-founder Mattias Staelens dives into the architectural DNA of the organisation, and how it faces environmental and aesthetic challenges.

Ladies On Records @ We are Europe

Ladies On Records: Narration within Compilation

We sat down with Kornelia Binicewicz, curator behind the sonic and narrative project Ladies on records, a sonic endeavor enriching compilations of records with anthropological research.  

Engendered Otherness @ We are Europe

When AI Mixes with Art, and Jellyfishes Mix With the Human Body

Exploring the workings of artificial intelligence through artistic creation is the ambition of the latest project launched by Sònar as part of the AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival. Researchers and artists have worked together on these questions to create new performances. In this piece, Cécile Moroux exchanges with Anna Diaz and Javier Ruiz Hidalgo on "Engendered Otherness - A Symbiotic AI Dance Ensemble."

Mostar Bridge @ We are Europe

What Happens to Culture in Times of War?

In this long piece, freelance journalist Rosalie Ernst reflects on the threats to cultural heritage in times of war. This question is developed through exchanges with Ukrainian cultural workers, currently fighting for the preservation of the country's heritage.

Matteria Collectiv © Jose Gómez

Atlantic Stereo: Transatlantic Collaboration

For our coverage of Nuits sonores Colombia's Compilation, we looked into the state of the Colombian electronic scene, through the lens of journalists, artists and local figures.

Fulu Muziki @ We are Europe

Building Music from Scratch with Fulu Miziki

We met with Congolese collective Fulu Miziki for an in-depth look at their work, a "build your own instrument" workshop and a conversation about their vision for this project.