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Culture: Reset!

We are embarking on the next phase of our project, with the launch of a new website and media platform. Aimed at reporting throughout the year on the cultural transformations shaping the Europe of tomorrow, it will feature stories from all over the continent, as told by the very people driving these changes.

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Arts Simili Gum @ We are Europe

A Walk Through the Audio-Visual Aisle

In this comparative case study, Antoine Boj confronts the media stratégies of independent and contemporary artists: Simili Gum and Graham Mushnik. What can their communication habits reveal?

Agora Europe Yves Citton @ We are Europe

European Lab Winter Forum: Meeting Yves Citton

As the next European Lab Winter Forum approaches, we revisit conversation shared with last edition’s speakers. Among them, Yves Citton, philosopher, essayist and inspired writer, opened up on “collapsology” and our relation to it. Interview.


The Science Behind Max Cooper & Bruce Brubaker’s “Glassforms”

Tasked with closing Nuits sonores Brussels’ opening night, Max Cooper & Bruce Brubaker proposed a live rendition of their “Glassforms” project, a mesmerizing long format voiding the gap between electronic and acoustic. We shared a conversation with the duo, moments after the end of their performance in the Henry Leboeuf Hall of BOZAR.

Nightivism Kyiv Club @ We are Europe

In Kyiv, a Club “That Doesn’t Exist” Shapes the Future of the Local Scene

In Kyiv, the mysterious club ∄ recently celebrated its second birthday. Over two years, this pioneer of local electronic music cultures has built a real community around its expansive project, which offers an artistic and educational platform for artists and audiences in the Ukrainian capital. We spoke to the actors of Kyiv’s musical landscape to shed light on this club and its trailblazing scene, in a sometimes tense political and social climate.

Agora Europe Alain Damasio @ We are Europe

European Lab Winter Forum: Meeting Alain Damasio

European Lab Winter Forum is back on the 22nd of January for a day of discourses at Ground Control in Paris, focused on migration narratives. We take this opportunity to dive back in the highlights of the previous installments. Today, this exchange shared with novelist Alain Damasio, on his book “Les Furtifs”.


Voicenotes From The Netherlands: Afro-Dutch Music

We partnered up with the team from Nique la Radio to create three special episodes of Faya, a podcast travelling across dancefloors all around the world. This second episode takes us to the Netherlands and its musical scene born out of the cultural influences of Suriname, South-America, the Caribbean and North Africa.

Arts Obi Bora @ We are Europe

21 Newcomers: OBI Live in Lyon

We caught up with Nigerian artist now based in Lyon OBI, for a charismatic live performance, as part of De Concert’s (an international association of 27 festivals) latest initiative.

Planet: Reconnect Reworks Agora © We are Europe

“Greening” Facilities: The University of Macedonia’s Case Study

During the 2021 edition of Reworks Agora in Thessaloniki, Aris Chatzinikolaou, Environmental Manager of the University of Macedonia (UoM), participated on a panel grimly titleαd “Is it too late to create a sustainable circular economy and save our planet?”. We took this opportunity to share a conversation with him on the procedures implemented at UoM during his tenure as an environmental manager.

Nightivism Unsound Festival @ We are Europe

Voicenotes from Warsaw: Political Club Music

We partnered up with the team from Nique la Radio to create three special episodes of Faya, a podcast travelling across dancefloors all around the world. For this first one, we’re headed all the way to Warsaw to meet up with local artists and activists who are fighting to preserve their music scenes and create safer night spaces for all.

Arts Pamela Badjogo @ We are Europe

In Residency – Pamela Badjogo

In early 2021, Pamela Badjogo and her crew of musicians/friends, held a week-long residency at Le Sucre in Lyon, to work on the live rendition of her latest album “Kaba”.

Agora Europe Unsound @ We are Europe

Deep Authentic: Dive Back into Unsound’s Discourses

From the 13th to the 17th of October, Unsound Festival brought music, performances and discourses to Krakow’s cultural venues. After an unprecedented sequence, it was important to restart, but also – more than ever – to discuss. Fortunately, Unsound’s discourses are now available online.

Planet: Reconnect Conference of Trees @ We are Europe

Lessons Learned From The Trees, a Conversation with Pantha du Prince

Invited to perform at Nuits sonores “Hors série” edition last July, Pantha du Prince answered some of our questions related to his last project, Conference of Trees. A tribute to trees, the album is also a real way for the artist to express his attachment and connection to our living world. Asking for a real change in our relation with so-called “nature”, Pantha du Prince discusses here about the inspiration he got from trees, spirituality, building alternatives and the importance of scientific approach when dealing with such topics.

Planet: Reconnect Fashion Revolution @ We are Europe

An Industry Under Scope, Bringing Ethics to Fashion

Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Greece Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou discusses the effects of the fashion industry on the environment, and ethical fashion in a world that constantly promotes overconsumption.

Agora Europe Ariadne Von Schirach @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets… Ariadne von Schirach

In an effort to answer questions that haunted her since her high-school days, Ariadne von Schirach dedicated her life to dissecting the inner vices that our western societies foster. Why are we so eager to be sexy? What does it mean to be European? Asking these questions could be a first step towards building new and comprehensive narratives.

Arts Azu Tiwaline @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets… Azu Tiwaline

Azu Tiwaline’s “Magnetic Service” EP, featured on British imprint Livity Sound, took her touring to all parts of Europe, from Lyon’s Nuits sonores, to Brussels’ MUCEM, to Graz’s Elevate Festival, were we had the opportunity to chat with her.

Arts UVB76 @ We are Europe

UVB76: Going 360 part.2

The second part of our project documenting the work of French-Russian duo UVB76, from preparing an audio visual experience in residency, all the way to the performance, in front of the audience.

Arts Birds Signals for Earthly Survival @ We are Europe

In Residency: Bird Signals for Earthly Survival

It is rare to be able to witness eerie propositions such as this one. Birds Signals for Earthly Survival, presented for the first time at Le Sucre during Nuits sonores, merged poetry, music and environmentalism in a unique fashion. We took this opportunity to capture images and sounds from the perfomance as well as words from the protagonists.

Arts Greg & Bamao Yendé @ We are Europe

Shatta, Dembow and “Smart Cities”, a Conversation with Mauritian Producer GЯEG

If you took part in a festive event located in France during the summer of 2021, there is a good chance that GЯEG’s music, and particularly his EP Eau Coulée Smart City will be familiar to you. We had the opportunity to chat with the Mauritian producer during his visit to Nuits sonores, where he was performing with Bamao Yendé, boss of the “société des ambianceurs”, Boukan Records.

Culture: Reset! Kalle Nio @ We are Europe

Feature Series – Creative Europe

What impact did the crisis have on the cultural sector? How can the Creative Europe program be of help ? How can European cooperation renew cultural projects? And eventually — can we consider a common cultural policy in Europe?

We believe in a European cultural community made up of actors promoting a vision of culture that is independent, connected, innovative and forward-looking. Explore our map, locate and connect with some of them.

The cultural venues and organisations listed below as of now are all Reset! signatories.
The list will expand shortly as the project is being developed.

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