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Culture: Reset!

We are embarking on the next phase of our project, with the launch of a new website and media platform. Aimed at reporting throughout the year on the cultural transformations shaping the Europe of tomorrow, it will feature stories from all over the continent, as told by the very people driving these changes.

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Arts UVB76 @ We are Europe

UVB76: Going 360

For this new entry in our series of videos taken in residency, we meet the mysterious French-Russian duo UVB76.

Culture: Reset! Kalle Nio @ We are Europe

Feature Series – Creative Europe

What impact did the crisis have on the cultural sector? How can the Creative Europe program be of help ? How can European cooperation renew cultural projects? And eventually — can we consider a common cultural policy in Europe?

Arts Gaza @ We are Europe

Living in Gaza, an Exchange with Mahmoud Alhaj

Following the recent situation in Gaza, we took the time to talk with a man working as an art teacher to kids in the area. Through his testimony, you can hear the voices of the children he works with and their hopes for a future free of war.

Nightivism Au dela du club @ We are Europe

Using Poetry to go Beyond Clubbing – An Exchange with Sarah Gamrani

During the European Lab, we met Sarah Gamrani (Hawa Sarita), who is behind the collection of poems “Au-delà du club” (Beyond Club). Her research into public space and poetry takes a thoughtful and enlightened look at the place of women in mainstream and alternative cultures. This conversation puts into words and arguments a discomfort that is sometimes difficult to express, and raises issues that should be urgently tackled, now more than ever.

Culture: Reset! Ida Tallin @ We are Europe

Navigating the Independent Online Radio Scene in Europe – Long Feature

We take a closer look at online radio stations operating across Europe, their missions, their background and the connections between them. Independent radio representatives share their experiences, as well as their thoughts on the present and future of online radio in Europe.

Arts Ikram Bouloum @ We are Europe

Ha-bb5: A Conversation with Ikram Bouloum

With Ha-bb5, Ikram Bouloum released a deeply personal, multilingual, theatrical and sometimes intriguing piece of music. Through this interview, we meet the artist behind the blur.

Culture: Reset! Unsound @ We are Europe

Feature Series – Future(s) of Festivals

What impact did the crisis have on organizers and their activities? Were they able to find new formats to implement in this context? How are festivals tackling climate issues? How have movements such as #MeToo and Black Live Matters impacted the festival industry? And eventually — what does this all mean for the future(s) of festivals?

Arts Obi @ We are Europe

OBI, a Musical Journey

We sat down with Nigerian artist OBI during his residency at Le Sucre (Lyon, France) in January 2021, to talk about migration and mobility of artists.


Sentimental Rave on Club Culture

A portray of French dj and activist Sentimental Rave made while she was invited to play at TodaysArt festival in 2019.


Club To Cloud #05 — Pérola Negra Club (Porto)

New club featured as part of We are Europe series Club To Cloud is Porto-based Pérola Negra Club, with Jonathan Tavares, in charge of the venue’s booking and management.


Niño de Elche, Unsubmissive Flamenco

Niño de Elche is one of the We are Europe faces. He answered our questions, to explain his work and his vision of the artists’ role in today’s society

Agora Europe

Tamara Ehs on Humanity in Times of a Global Pandemic

Elevate festival invited Tamara Ehs, who is part of the Faces of We are Europe, to speak during their discourse programme in 2020. This interview has been conducted during the event, which happened to take place on the weekend before the Austrian lockdown. It comes with a short statement she had sent in April 2021, one year after, when we asked for a few words regarding the current situation of humanity in times of a global pandemic.


Club To Cloud #04 — Macadam (Nantes)

A series of articles to showcase and support European nightclubs. Next episode of “Club To Cloud” highlights the work of Nantes-based Macadam club, with founders Alexis Tenaud and Maxime Durand.


Forensic Architecture: The Contemporary Art Of Investigation

Forensic Architecture founder Eyal Weizman recently released a book in which he explains the agency’s methods. In 2019, Stefanos Levidis from Forensic Architecture was involved in European Lab, where he went through one of the cases they worked on: a good way to understand how the research agency operates.

Nightivism Kaiku Club

Club To Cloud #03 — Kaiku (Helsinki)

A series of articles to showcase and support European nightclubs. Third episode of “Club To Cloud” highlights the work of renowned Helsinki-based Kaiku club, with Mikko Anisimoff who’s in charge of communications & marketing


The Night is a Space of Culture, Creation & of Democratic Effervescence

In this tribune, Arty Farty director Vincent Carry shares his vision on the role of the night culture in today’s society. He highlights how the current democratic and social movements, the struggle against authoritarian regimes and the great youth movement for climate issues, find an echo in the night and in its cultural, artistic, festive, and collective representation.

WAE Mixes #01 — Andria

We are Europe is kicking-off its mix series featuring Belgrade-based Andria, a resident of local club Drugstore and a talented producer.


Black Techno Futures: Local and Global Perspectives

A discussion which took place at Unsound festival exploring the conditions of working as a black person in the music industry, diving into challenges and how things need to change for black people to survive and flourish.

We believe in a European cultural community made up of actors promoting a vision of culture that is independent, connected, innovative and forward-looking. Explore our map, locate and connect with some of them.

The cultural venues and organisations listed below as of now are all Reset! signatories.
The list will expand shortly as the project is being developed.

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