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Culture: Reset!

We are embarking on the next phase of our project, with the launch of a new website and media platform. Aimed at reporting throughout the year on the cultural transformations shaping the Europe of tomorrow, it will feature stories from all over the continent, as told by the very people driving these changes.

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Planet: Reconnect Fashion Revolution @ We are Europe

An Industry Under Scope, Bringing Ethics to Fashion

Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Greece Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou discusses the effects of the fashion industry on the phenomenon of climate change as well as the issue of ethical fashion in a world that constantly promotes overconsumption.

Agora Europe Ariadne Von Schirach @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets… Ariadne von Schirach

In an effort to answer questions that haunted her since her high-school days, Ariadne von Schirach dedicated her life to dissecting the inner vices that our western societies foster. Why are we so eager to be sexy? What does it mean to be European? Asking these questions could be a first step towards building new and comprehensive narratives.

Arts Azu Tiwaline @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets… Azu Tiwaline

Azu Tiwaline’s “Magnetic Service” EP, featured on British imprint Livity Sound, took her touring to all parts of Europe, from Lyon’s Nuits sonores, to Brussels’ MUCEM, to Graz’s Elevate Festival, were we had the opportunity to chat with her.

Arts UVB76 @ We are Europe

UVB76: Going 360 part.2

The second part of our project documenting the work of French-Russian duo UVB76, from preparing an audio visual experience in residency, all the way to the performance, in front of the audience.

Cyber Space Joana Moll, Walther LeKon © We are Europe

Elevate Talks: A Conversation with Joana Moll

As critical as it is elegant, Joana Moll’s work finds its place at the intersection of art, research and activism. In the recent years Moll conducted investigations on the accessibility of user data in the realm of dating sites, on the environmental impact of data traffic on large-scale platforms and implementing carbon budget to venues and organisms. We had the opportunity to chat with her during the 2021 edition of Elevate Festival in Graz.

Arts Birds Signals for Earthly Survival @ We are Europe

In Residency: Bird Signals for Earthly Survival

It is rare to be able to witness eerie propositions such as this one. Birds Signals for Earthly Survival, presented for the first time at Le Sucre during Nuits sonore, merged poetry, music and environmentalism in a unique fashion. We took this opportunity to capture images and sounds from the perfomance as well as words from the protagonists.

Arts Greg & Bamao Yendé @ We are Europe

Shatta, Dembow and “Smart Cities”, a Conversation with Mauritian Producer GЯEG

If you took part in a festive event located in France during the summer of 2021, there is a good chance that GЯEG’s music, and particularly his EP Eau Coulée Smart City will be familiar to you. We had the opportunity to chat with the Mauritian producer during his visit to Nuits sonores, where he was performing with Bamao Yendé, boss of the “société des ambianceurs”, Boukan Records.

Arts PIP @ We are Europe

Nightclubs as Social Sculptures – An Exchange with PIP’s Steven Van Lummel

During European Lab, we chatted with the man behind The Hague’s iconic venue, someone who sees clubs as social sculptures. He shares his thoughts on a somewhat bleak future for the scene on a European level, while entertaining the idea that embracing chaos could help us come to terms with the changes we encounter.

Future(s) of Festivals Terraforma Festival @ We are Europe

A Conversation with Terraforma Festival’s Creative Director

Ruggero Pietromarchi, creative director at Milan’s Terraforma explains the steps the festival took in the recent years to incorporate green initiatives and how the platform transitioned because of the pandemic.

Culture: Reset! Kalle Nio @ We are Europe

Feature Series – Creative Europe

What impact did the crisis have on the cultural sector? How can the Creative Europe program be of help ? How can European cooperation renew cultural projects? And eventually — can we consider a common cultural policy in Europe?

We believe in a European cultural community made up of actors promoting a vision of culture that is independent, connected, innovative and forward-looking. Explore our map, locate and connect with some of them.

The cultural venues and organisations listed below as of now are all Reset! signatories.
The list will expand shortly as the project is being developed.

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