Zsuzsa Mekler (HU)

Zsuzsa Mekler is the main coordinator of Auróra Community Centre, a cultural venue based in Budapest (Hungary). Originally a jewish cultural organisation, it has changed its main mission due to the country’s current political situation: Auróra’s new primary mission is to be a safe place for NGOs and human rights activists, and to strengthen the existing network between them. It is also one of the last remaining venues for the city’s underground art and music scene. Between 400-500 events are organised by Auróra’s staff members and volunteers every year.

Why Zsuzsa Mekler?

“As the coordinator of an independent cultural venue in Budapest (Auróra), Zsuzsa Mekler is a face to promote as part of We are Europe. In a few years, Aurora became a beacon for independent culture in the country.”