In times where people are forced to experience collective loss, we have to learn how to exorcise ill feelings. Last October, Zosia Hołubowska & Julia Giertz's took Unsound's audience to a space scarcely explored, creating a "Community of Grieving".

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: Kachna Baraniewicz

In 2020, when Poland was alternating between COVID lockdowns and protests for women’s rights, musical artists and performers Zosia Hołubowska (aka Mala Herba) & Julia Giertz unveiled a remotely lived mourning experience dubbed “Community of Grieving”, a collective listening creation meant to be experienced at home, in solitude.

The experience aimed to bring a moment of closure to damaged souls, who had been rocked by this year’s event. Some had lost jobs, some had lost friends and family members, all needed a moment to externalize the pain of loss.

In 2021, Zosia Hołubowska & Julia Giertz proposed an in-person live rendition of the experience, as part of Unsound’s musical programme. We met with Zosia Hołubowska minutes after her performance, to talk about this project, and the importance of grief.

This interview was conducted by David Bola, shot by Maciej Karnaś and edited by Kachna Baraniewicz.

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