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Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat gave a talk at Insomnia festival 2018 : a rollercoaster ride through our possible futures.

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Day by day, we are bombarded by images about devastating hurricanes, ravaging wildfires and recording heat-waves all over the world including the very North of Europe; we are witnessing the rise of galloping authoritarian and right wing regimes from United States to Turkey, the shift to the Right in most European countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Hungary); refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and massive displacements; new walls and new borders, detention camps for children. And there is, once again, the realistic possibility of a nuclear war, or if we don’t destroy ourselves by pushing the “wrong” or “right” button, the disastrous effects of climate change today might sound as a footnote to a much bigger disaster coming already tomorrow. However, what if, as paradoxically as it might sound, the Apocalypse has already happened? What if every day is for someone, somewhere, if not already in Tromsø today, the end of the world? And what if this idea actually allows us to survive the Apocalypse that may have already happened?

At Insomnia festival 2018, Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat gave a talk – curated in collaboration with TodaysArt. Starting from a deconstruction of the current apocalyptic narrative, the lecture offers a philosophical rollercoaster ride through our possible futures.

You can now listen to the podcast below.

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