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Activist and advanced internet user Marcell Mars breaks down the inner workings of his virtual tools, that could help bring knowledge to remote parts of the world, by printing entire books and manuals, even without an internet connection.

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: Valerie Maltseva

When Marcell Mars and other librarians (editor’s note : In this case a « Librarian » is a person of digitalizes books or physical inscription and uploads it to the Public Library) imagined the Public Library project, they saw the possibility to gather knowledge safely and share it with rest of the world. This endeavor was in part skillsharing-oriented.

Through the years, the platform became know under a new moniker Memory of the World, while entertaining this skill-sharing undertone.With workshops, manuals and guidelines, this information goldmine can help people in resistance learn the abilities necessary to remain active and critical – with the proper manual, one could learn how to shut down power lines, or slow down the development of a construction site. 

A problem persisted: these activists need an internet connection to be able to access to this knowledge. People in groups with no internet presence, people in prison, people in countries where the entire web is monitored could not access to the Memory of the World platform. Marcell Mars may have cracked this issue, with his latest invention, Sandpoints. 

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