Azu Tiwaline’s "Magnetic Service" EP, featured on British imprint Livity Sound, took her touring to all parts of Europe, from Lyon’s Nuits sonores, to Brussels’ MUCEM, to Graz’s Elevate Festival, were we had the opportunity to chat with her.

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: David Visnjic

After representing the bass music scene for two decades, long time producer Donia Leminbach was looking for something new. This desire for a new chapter echoed personal change: Leminbach recently moved to Tunisia, to tend to a piece of land left by her mother. 

For an artist so inspired by her surroundings, trading the South-West coast of France for the partly deserted lands of Tunisia was sure to be manifested in music. It’s under a new moniker, Azu Tiwaline, that Leminbach released the results of her new adventures in sound, taking inspiration in field recordings, ritual music and stambeli. See more below. 

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