We partnered up with the team from Nique la Radio to create three special episodes of Faya, a podcast travelling across dancefloors all around the world. For this first one, we're headed all the way to Warsaw to meet up with local artists and activists who are fighting to preserve their music scenes and create safer night spaces for all.

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Author: Nique la Radio

Photo Credit: Unsound Festival

Faya is a podcast series focused on the emerging scenes and dancefloors all around the world. All the while heir team, composed of Renaud Fulloption (Journalist), Malo Williams (Sound director) and Christophe Payet (Journalist).

Through research, they are able to investigate the social impact of musical phenomenons, while also providing insight as to why these movements where born at a specific place and time.

Queer & Independent Polish Scenes

When we asked them which europeans scenes they would like to investigate, the queer independent scene of Poland quickly came to mind.

Since the ultra-conservatives came to power in 2015, the demonstrations of hatred towards LGBTQI+ communities have been growing. Queer parties have become the only safe places in the country.

We met the defenders of the freedom to exist and to love. Those who make Warsaw a city of colors, of political commitment, of artistic emulation. In addition to this activism, local musicians try to give back to the Polish tradition its values of diversity, thanks to club music.

To prepare this podcast, Renaud called multiple local figures. Among them were Avtomat, founder of Radio Kapitał in Warsaw, Mala Herba (Zosia Hołubowska) – one of our Faces.

Next, Faya will investigate the emerging scenes of Spain and the Netherlands. The two episodes will be available in December and January.

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