In this third episode of our podcast series focused on the bubbling musical scenes in Europe, we dance to the hectic rhythms of trap sensation Morad and softly sway to the neo perreo anthems of Bea Pelea and Bad Gyal.

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Author: Faya

Photo Credit: Alba Rupérez

Faya is a podcast series focused on the emerging scenes and dancefloors all around the world. All the while heir team, composed of Renaud Fulloption (Journalist), Malo Williams (Sound director) and Christophe Payet (Journalist).

Through research, they are able to investigate the social impact of musical phenomenons, while also providing insight as to why these movements where born at a specific place and time.

Cultural Boom

In this episode Renaud guides us through the streets of Barcelona, discovering the best of Catalan scene. 

Since 2010, Spain has been experiencing a musical boom driven by Barcelona and the diasporas settled in the Catalan capital. The city attracts by its artistic and libertarian magnetism. And today, this diversity nourishes the urban music.

Renaud looks at the evolution of Spanish trap music and its influence. He decrypts the phenomenon of the rapper Morad and his similarities with the French rapper JUL, but also the phenomenon of neo perreo, a kind of emo and feminist evolution of reggeaton carried by a new generation of women like Bad Gyal, Rosalía, La Zowi or Bea Pelea.

The previous episode of Faya was focused on the bubbling afro-dutch scene in the Netherlands, available here, in case you missed it.

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