Tzef Montana (US/GR)

Jeff Montana, artist with a non-binary model career, in Los Angeles and New York.

As a model, she managed to become the face of covergirl and American apparel and she was photographed by the biggest fashion photographers on the planet such as David LaChapelle and Ryan McGinley.

In the international music industry she was music manager of SOPHIE and Slayer and she has also participated as a creator in the promo campaigns of artists such as Rosalía (Spain), CL (Korea), 30 seconds to Mars (US) and Charli XCX (UK).

Today she is based in Athens and works as an artist, activist, against abuse and for the recognition of the non-duality of gender. In fact, she was in the front line of the Greek #metoo movement last February.

Her work during this period aims to “educate” Greeks in concepts such as “non-binary gender”, namely a range of gender identity that is not exclusively male or female but also in the sense of trans.

Also, she just made her film debut, in the upcoming movie of Panos Koutras, “Dodo” with Ahmad Kontar, Smaragda Karydi and Akis Sakellariou.