At the heart of the dancefloors of the world, the capacity of bodies to connect us through movements, contacts, co-presence and the way in which they allow some to claim their identities or their fights make them tools of individual and collective emancipation.

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During the school of Anthropocène organised by the Ecole Urbaine in Lyon, European Lab was invited to co-curate a discussion about the political role of the dancefloor. The discussion featured Bogomir Doringer, Agnès Gayraud, Dave Haslam and Vincent Carry.

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If digital attempts have tried to compensate for the closure of clubs and party venues, the lack of physical proximity and interactions was quickly felt, especially for communities that find refuge in these spaces and times, but also land of common struggle.

In an age of empty dancefloors, closed clubs and bullied parties, how can we think of a dancefloor policy that would restore the night to its role of democratic effervescence? How is the dancefloor a laboratory for new forms of citizenship and engagement and quite simply the expression of a way of life and of undoubtedly “essential” freedoms?

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