From the 7th to the 9th of June, Arty Farty's team organized a series of talks, conferences and workshops centered around the subject of shifting narratives on the European level. In the 3 days of European Lab, over 80 guest speakers exchanged and debated over themes like inclusivity, sustainability, gender and racial representativity, afropeanity and more.

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Moderation: Clémence Meunier

Speakers: Simo Cell, Camille Hervé, Eden Kupermintz

Photo Credit: Laurie Diaz

Despite warnings in the mass media and a global increase in the awareness of the climate emergency, as well as widespread images of melting ice, rising waters and deforestation, we are still firmly stuck in the status quo when it comes to the environment.

All of which begs a question: what can be done to bring about change and to successfully communicate the gravity of the imminent disaster? And what if music, through its narrative power and ability to inspire, could provide the answer? Music is capable of creating new narratives (look no further than Eden Kupermintz, who argues that heavy metal helps us to think about the Anthropocene) and, above all else, artists can use their influence and power to dictate trends to set an example.

We also took this opportunity to record interviews with Sarah Gamrani, creator of poetry book “Au-Delà du Club” (Beyond Club) – to read here – , and Steven Van Lummel, founder of The Hague’s PIP – to read here.

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