From the 7th to the 9th of June, Arty Farty's team organized a series of talks, conferences and workshops centered around the subject of shifting narratives on the European level. In the 3 days of European Lab, over 80 guest speakers exchanged and debated over themes like inclusivity, sustainability, gender and racial representativity, afropeanity and more.

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Moderation : Elise Phamgia

Speakers : Zsuzsa Mekler, Dorian Meeùs, Caterina di Fazio, Steven Van Lummel

Photo Credit : Brice Robert

Launched in France in March 2020, the ‘Appel des Indépendants’ brought together 1,600 cultural entities and independent media structures for a forum that resulted in a manifesto made up of 140proposals for a new cultural and social contract. This appeal was then pursued at the European level by a collective of 200 structures and independent media from 29 countries.

The aim of the initiative was to flag up the precarious situations facing these actors, who have been left reeling by a crisis that has fueled the monopolistic tendencies of multinational groups and investment funds for whom independent structures in Europe – particularly in the music and media industries – serve as ideal targets. It was also about shining a light on the cultural and media networks at the very heart of our communities, a human grid that is young, aware of social differences and capable of ensuring cultural diversity and pluralism.

Together, the signatories of Reset! are calling for an overhaul of European public policies in order to prioritise urgent social, democratic and environmental issues. In the creative sector, this means paying closer attention to small and medium-sized organisations that often lack the cultural engineering and financial strength to access the funding made available by the European Union. Reset! believes in the power of networking and intersectoral co-construction in order to tackle the crisis and contribute to remapping the cultural and media landscape in Europe.

We also took this opportunity to record interviews with Sarah Gamrani, creator of poetry book « Au-Delà du Club » (Beyond Club) – read more here – , and Steven Van Lummel, founder of The Hague’s PIP – read more here.

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