From the 7th to the 9th of June, Arty Farty's team organized a series of talks, conferences and workshops centered around the subject of shifting narratives on the European level. In the 3 days of European Lab, over 80 guest speakers exchanged and debated over themes like inclusivity, sustainability, gender and racial representativity, afropeanity and more.

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Moderation : Chloé Ridel

Speaker : Srećko Horvat

Photo Credit : Brice Robert

Srećko Horvat is a philosopher of action, a contemporary of Slavoj Zizek, Julian Assange and Yanis Varoufakis, with whom he founded the transnational movement Diem25.

One of the 64 Faces of We are Europe in 2019, he questions the possible gaps in activism and rejects the fatality of dystopias. “Make Margaret Atwood’s novels (including The Handmaid’s Tale) fiction again!” urges Srećko Horvat in his latest book, Poetry from the Future (published in French by Zulma).


The unprecedented crisis that has arisen since the start of the 21st century — migratory, ecological, political, financial — has significantly eroded the foundations of our individual freedoms and democratic ideals. Action is needed, but what options are left in a control society that stifles all forms of solidarity in favour of order and financial interest? What can we do at a time when traditional forms of protest, including mass demonstrations, have been rendered toothless?

Srećko Horvat suggests that one answer is to draw inspiration from the Croatian island of Vis, where he is currently living and experimenting with a new micro-model of society. The island was a Partisan stronghold during the Second World War; even in history’s darkest hours, a handful of resistance fighters were thereby able to change the fate of a country. Based on this experience, Srećko Horvat has created a manual for resistance and action. What if another world existed? Poetry from the Future is an attempt to explain how we get there.

We also took this opportunity to record interviews with Sarah Gamrani, creator of poetry book “Au-Delà du Club” (Beyond Club) – read more here – , and Steven Van Lummel, founder of The Hague’s PIP – read more here.

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