Rosalie Ernst (DE)

Rosalie Ernst is a freelance journalist currently working for Kaput Magazine, Missy Mag, Applause Magazine and  Diffus Magazine. She notably wrote a feature series for the former, named “Unfuck the EU”, where she met with European artists trying to speak up and turn the ship around at a moment where European values seem to be at their lowest.

Why Rosalie Ernst?

“While European values are at their lowest, musicians are increasingly trying to speak up and turn the ship around themselves. More and more anthems accompany the demonstrations demanding human dignity, freedom and equality – values that were once agreed upon. In her series „Unfug the EU”, Rosalie Ernst met European artists and talked to them about attitude in music, European values and activism.

With her series „Unfug the EU“ she recently was awarded for „Best Music Journalism Work, Under 30“ at this year’s Music Journalism Award at the Reeperbahn Festival.”