Philip Vermeulen (NL)

Philip Vermeulen is a The Hague-based Dutch artist who makes large-scale installations as part of ongoing research in altering psychological states through the manipulation of primary phenomena of light, sound, and movement.

Philip’s work continues a lineage of experimental art from the Zero art movement, sound art, kinetic sculptures, and audiovisual arts. He creates what he calls ‘hypersculptures’, kinetic sculptures that move at such a high speed that they change our perception of the physical properties of these materials. In these environments, fans spin at a rate that splits white light into distinct colours (Fanfanfan), soft materials vibrate and ripple so fast that they appear to stand still (Flap Flap), and with the stimulation of stroboscopic lights, ghostly images are summoned from your brain to the surface of your retinas (Int/Ext). Playfulness, violence, seduction, self-destruction and delirium are all at play, placing audiences at high alert as Philip’s work dissolves the borders of mind and material.

In 2020 Philip’s installation More Moiré² has been nominated for The Netherlands’ most prestigious film award The Golden Calf in the category of Best Interactive 2020 (in Dutch: Gouden Kalf). He was also one of the nominee’s for The Volkskrant Visual Art Prize, a Dutch leading oeuvre prize for talented artists aged 35 or younger, living and working in the Netherlands. In 2019 Philip’s 10 Meters Of Sound was purchased by the Rijksmuseum Twenthe and on display in the museum’s collection presentation.

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