Nouseva Vesi (FI)

Nouseva Vesi/Rising Tide: “We are a team of people who are passionate about gathering and growing our own food. Our mission is to build a network of self-sufficient communities that grow, gather and preserve their own nutrients in Finland, and at the same time making this food available to the public through a catering service. The food we prepare and serve is not only food; it’s a process and an artwork where the principals of self-sufficiency and circular economy are central. It’s a preservation of the food traditions of the North and the Sami culture, i’s a way of reconnecting people to nature. We want to tell a story through our food, and make the consumers aware of the process of gathering, growing and preparing the nutrients that they eat.”

Why Nouseva Vesi?

“Because of their love for nature, food and people, and their efforts to connect social and environmental responsibility with their art and the food they serve, through wild foraging and cooperation with local organic farms and farmers. They are entrepreneur carving out paths to the food system of tomorrow.”