Kiyémis (FR)

Kiyémis is an author, afrofeminist poet and lecturer. She works on the issue of self-love, body positivity and the place of Afrodescendant women in European spaces.

Committed to conveying her message of emancipation from norms and women’s fulfilment, she has participated in conferences in France and abroad and organises writing workshops. In March 2018, she published her first collection of poetry, À Nos Humanités Révoltées, with Métagraphes. In 2021, she also participated in the collective book Sororité published by Points, edited by Chloé Delaume.

Why Kiyémis?

“Kiyémis is a French poetess who is shaping new stories and narratives through new media. As an afrofeminist, she’s involved on many topics and has many ideas to promote.”

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