It is rare to be able to witness eerie propositions such as this one. Birds Signals for Earthly Survival, presented for the first time at Le Sucre during Nuits sonores, merged poetry, music and environmentalism in a unique fashion. We took this opportunity to capture images and sounds from the perfomance as well as words from the protagonists.

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Photo Credit: Cheese Naan

Bird Signals for Earthly Survival is an audiovisual and musical creation presented by We are Europe, resulting from an artistic residency that brought together Mehmet Aslan, گليثر٥٥ Glitter, Stratis Vogiatzis & Malo Lacroix.

It is intended to encourage viewers of creative thinking and cooperative experimentation by illustrating how music can emerge visually. Emblematic of this, the theme of bird migration is used to create a metaphorical bridge to the far-reaching issue of immigration.

Using a variety of media, including video, photography, soundscapes, electronic sounds and voices (spoken and singing), Bird Signals for Earthly Survival connects ecology, science and art and thus broadens our awareness of today’s environmental challenges.


Nuits sonores 2021 “Hors-Série” was also the time to meet with artists invited to the event. Head here to read our interview with up-and-coming Mauritian producer GЯEG.

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