For its online 2020 edition, Sónar+D looked at "hyper-local scene" through the lens of artists and actors who are shaping these cities.

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Photo credit: Leafhopper

To dive in these “4 connected cities”, Sónar+D gave the floor to Barcelona’s young experimental music scene with the artist and researcher of club utopias Ikram Bouloum; as well as Kosmas Effraimidis, from his record shop in Thessaloniki, who has been the musical prescriptor of the city for the past three decades. They also connected with the The Hague’s underground scene with Steven van Lummel; and with composer, producer and DJ Leona Jacewska, also known as Charlie, to explore Krakow’s club scene. The session was moderated by Antonia Folguera (Sónar+D) and Olof van Winden (TodaysArt).

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