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As the next European Lab Winter Forum approaches, we revisit conversations shared with last edition's speakers. Among them, Yves Citton, philosopher, essayist and inspired writer, opened up on "collapsology" and our relation to it. Interview.

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Author: Laure Porthé

Photo Credit: Sylvain Pinot

The 5th edition of European Lab Winter Forum titled « Night of the Living Living » was focused on Alain Damasio’s latest novel « Les Furtifs » (The Stealth), a galvanizing book, ode to those who fight to reconnect with the natural world. 

During that event, philosopher and essayist Yves Citton, was invited for a discourse centered on the collective infatuation for catastrophic scenarios (collapse of the economy, of our society…) our western society recently developed. He also introduced his then unreleased printed work “Générations collapsonautes. Naviguer par temps d’effondrements” (Collapsist generation, navigating the downfall), co-written with Jacopo Rasmi. The book hit the shelves in March of 2021.

In-between discourses held within La Marbrerie’s walls, we shared a conversation with the philosopher on our eroding damaged world, the injustices that climate changes bring, and the surprising levity of works of fictions navigating these catastrophic thematics.  

An exchange conducted by Laure Porthé and captured by Sylvain Pinot.

About the Author

Laure Porthé is a radio anchor at France Bleu.

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