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European Lab Winter Forum is back on the 22nd of January for a day of discourses at Ground Control in Paris, focused on migration narratives. We take this opportunity to dive back in the highlights of the previous installments. Today, this exchange shared with novelist Alain Damasio, on his book “Les Furtifs”.

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Author: Laure Porthé

Photo Credit: Sylvain Pinot

Committed writer, Alain Damasio became one of France’s most recognised science fiction authors. Convinced that sci-fi can depict – and change – the world, his book “La Horde du contrevent” published in 2004 is met with popular and critical acclaim. 

Through his highly political and thought-provoking writing, Damasio questions the place of mankind in a technology-driven world.

The 5th edition of European Lab Winter Forum titled “Night of the Living Living” was focused on his latest novel “Les Furtifs” (The Stealth), a galvanizing work, ode to those who fight to reconnect with the living.

We met with the author during this night made of discourses and public readings, for a conversation on his novel “Les Furtifs”, his adventures with anthropologist Baptiste Morizot and our lives lives in increasingly heavy technological cocoons. An exchange produced by Laure Porthé and captured by Sylvain Pinot.

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Laure Porthé is a radio anchor at France Bleu.

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