Despina Natsi (GR)

Despina Natsi is a lawyer, researcher and human rights trainer/activist.

She has studied Law at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds an LL.M in International Legal Studies from the same University, where she is also a PhD Candidate. Her academic interests include fundamental rights, equal treatment law, gender/LGBTQIA+ rights as well as refugees’ rights. Her current research focuses on artificial intelligence and gender equality.

As a youth activist/trainer she has organised projects and non-formal education workshops on human rights and particularly gender/LGBTQ rights, refugees’ rights, hate speech both in Greece and abroad. She is the founder and project manager of the Library In Action project, which aims to raise awareness on human rights, social and political issues through real life stories. She is also a member of “No Hate Speech Network” as well as of the TEDxThessaloniki production team.