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From the 13th to the 17th of October, Unsound Festival brought music, performances and discourses to Krakow's cultural venues. After an unprecedented sequence, it was important to restart, but also - more than ever - to discuss. Fortunately, Unsound's discourses are now available online.

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The first day of Unsound 2021 discourse programme, held at the Krzysztofory Palace in Krakow’s city center, featured heavy topics, centered around well-being and how to maintain it, as can be expected after the social and health crisis the world experienced.

How does oppression on the ground transcend into the online world? How did isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic affect queer and marginalised communities? What is at stake when wellbeing and mental health are reduced to a lifestyle?

Day 2 brought in new topics to the conversation. Some were spiritual, like the “Chakram Polizer” event brought in by the cyberwitches of Eternal Engine, others tackled social issues like “Squeezed out – Cities, Tourism And Gentrification”. We also thoroughly enjoyed discussing ASMR productions with ambient master David Toop.

The third day of Unsound’s Discourse programme featured discussions on the future of work in a tech-oriented and automated world, machine-learning models seeking to generate the face of a speaker from their vocal signal and the precarious state of the training datasets of home robots. This series of talks helped us catch a glimpse of our potential future cohabitation with technology.

On the closing day of the discourse programme, attendees where invited to three artists talks, with Candyman‘s score composer Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Kevin Richard Martin (aka The Bug) discussing the history of the foghorn (yes, you read that right) and Annea Lockwood on love letters and burning pianos.

We also recommend this performance by American producer Giant Claw, presented as part of Unsound 2021 musical programme. This pre-recorded performance was projected on a screen located in ICE Krakow Congress Centre.

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All the information linked to previous of future events organized by Unsound are available on their website.

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