DECOL Collective (TR)

DECOL is an abbreviation of Digital Experience Collective. DECOL New Media Studio is İstanbul based art collective. DECOL creates works in the intersection of technology, design, art and science DECOL is a collective and an umbrella organisation established by the creative lead of artists Ahmet Said Kaplan and Hakan Gündüz with the management of producer N. Cihan Çankaya. 

DECOL digital artists always seek for scientific concepts and human-computer interaction techniques by the edge of technology usage. DECOL artist creates Audio/visual installations and performances, Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Installations and video art. Besides producing international arts and design projects, DECOL aims to affect continents by evolving with its partners at all times, as well as being a school for the independent ‘digital art scene and design platform.

As an alternative cultural centre, DECOL programs encompass literature, music, visual arts and film. Their doors are always opened to those who are willing to innovate and push the boundaries to what is outdated and no longer serves our society.