How can the dancefloor become a space of resistance? Bogomir Doringer explored this question at European Lab Brussels together with club Bassiani founder Naja Orashvili, Rojeh Khleif from Jazar Crew in Palestine and Kélina Gotman (King’s College).

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From Club Bassiani in Tbilisi to the Jazar Crew collective in Palestine, the Cxema raves in Kyiv, and the marches of Reclaim Club Culture against the AfD, in Berlin, the news shows us that dancefloors can become spaces of resistance. How does club culture reflect the socio-political context of territory and help us understand collective and individual struggles?

After his Dance of Urgency exhibition at Q21 in Vienna, artist-researcher Bogomir Doringer continues his work at European Lab Brussels, exploring the role of the dance floor as a space for socio-political expression. Through this work, he intends to define “Dance of Urgency”, born of emotions that emerge at times of personal and collective crisis. Such a dance empowers individuals and groups. Together with other speakers, he explored the notion at European Lab Brussels in 2019.

Speakers involved are:

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