Avalon Emerson (DE/US)

Raised in Arizona, Avalon started to make, release and play music in San Francisco before moving to Berlin in 2014. She rose to the top of the underground DJ world based on her reputation for technical skill and stylistically diverse DJ sets.

Avalon’s selections reflect a deep knowledge of house, techno, new wave, EBM and rave as well as the experience of an adaptable selector. Her style transcends the confines of time or genre by recontextualizing dance music from previous eras among contemporary sounds and her own productions and edits. In the past few years, she became a regular across all floors of Berlin’s famous Berghain nightclub and played at major festivals like Coachella and Pitchfork.

Why Avalon Emerson?

“A highly influential figure in the Berlin dance music scene, Avalon’s energy and creativity comes through in her DJ-sets. She connects genres, both past and present, reworking these. She also opens doors to others through her curations of club nights under her concept 9000 Dreams from 2019 and onwards.”

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