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From talks on the carbon footprint of advertising cookies to the role of new digital platforms in the art market, (re)discover SónarCCCB's 2021 discourse programme.

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Laurent Garnier Off the Record. In conversation with J. A. Bayona

SónarCCCB receives two creators that are absolute leaders in their respective fields: music and film, and whose passion for what they do is kept intact. Laurent Garnier, who is premiering “Off the Record”, the documentary about his more than 30 years old career experience, and J.A Bayona, award-winning filmmaker and producer.

Return of the web

The web is an artistic space: to create, to show, to learn and to reflect. NFT platforms and the “metaverse” are already an integral part of the new art ecosystems. However questions remain : Do these virtual spaces present new opportunities for artists to make money with their work? What is the environmental cost of digital art and its market? And above all: How do we build robust creative and technologic ecosystems where both the artist’s practice and the environmental impact are sustainable?

Synx Symposium

This show present the current research of six contemporary artists as part of the MindSpaces residency program, an initiative of S+T+ARTS and the European Commission. SYNX will present digital works by Haseeb Ahmed, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Sarah Derat x The Radicant x ExperiensS, Emanuel Gollob, Joao Martino Moura, Michael Sedbon, with the special collaboration of Zaha Hadid Architects. Students and professors from EINA University Center of Design and Art and ESDi School of Design have also collaborated in the project.

Digital Surgery Aesthetics

Conversation with no filters with four artists that overflow the limits between the physical and the virtual. Regardless of the format of their choice, since all of them have a multidisciplinary profile, this generation of artists thinks in three dimensions and imagines places, landscapes, bodies and identities that only technology can make possible. With Filip Custic, María Forqué, Sevi Iko Dømochevsky, and Saúl Baeza.


Through her artistic research Joana Moll investigates the materiality of the internet, its infrastructural elements and the invisible processes that have a social, economic and ecological impact that often go completely unnoticed. Her latest project called “Carbolytics” investigates the ecological footprint of advertising cookies. These pieces of data, which may seem at once threatening, annoying and even insignificant, are also energy consumers that have both an ecological and economic cost, which in the end, we the users pay.

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