Catalan composer, singer and classically trained pianist Marina Herlop speaks to David Bola from We Are Europe about why creating an album is like cultivating a garden, how she integrates Carnatic singing practices into her music and why songwriting requires subtraction.

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: Leafhopper

One of the highlights of Sonar CCCB’s 2021 programme was undoubtedly Marina Herlop’s live band performance, played in front of a mesmerized audience, transported by the intricate fusion between instruments and voices.

A true moment of stillness in time. Taking a step from her usual recipe of strictly instrumental albums, the catalan composer ventured into uncharted territories, using voices for the first time.

We took this opportunity to sit down with the artist, to talk about her upcoming album to be released on PAN, and its first extract “Miu“, featuring spoken sounds chanted using a traditional South Indian singing method named “Konnakol”.

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