We interviewed festival-goers and artists taking part in Nuits sonores 2021 to reflect on their state of mind and hopes for the scene. As the next edition approaches, we revisit these conversations.

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: Cameltown

The 2021 edition of Nuits sonores took place in a singular context. As the doors of cultural venues were slowly reopening, both the public and professionals of the sector rediscovered festive spaces.

In this unique climate, at a time where future of the cultural sector was still uncertain, festival-goers and professionals returned to the celebration, that essential outlet that symbolized for many a return to normal life. Beyond simple entertainment, this element that was once an integral part of their lives took on a deeper meaning at the time of the reunion.

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David Bola is We are Europe Media‘s content editor. Formerly working at Radio Nova as a freelance journalist and hosts a monthly residency on Piñata Radio, with Ludotek, a show focused on video game music.

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