Since summer 2019, SALÒ, who lives in Vienna, has been making music for dog pranksters, people who refuse to work and everyone else who has feelings. Despite all crises, SALÒ released his debut EP ” Tränen zu Wein” in the summer of 2020 and has since been writing songs about life, suffering and probably the most beautiful mental illness in the world – love. The whole thing sounds like a wild promenade mixture of EBM, pop and dreamy electropunk. Dirty synths, honest platitudes and influences from DAF to Herbert Grönemeyer make SALÒ an ode to the flesh, the drive and heartbreak per se.


“Together with our partner Elevate Festival from Austria, we have been talking about SALÒ right from the start. We love his performance, his unique style, his funny and critical lyrics and his commitment to social coexistence, culture and diversity. SALÒ has the potential to write many more great songs.”

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