Saber Rider (GR)

Saber Rider is a somewhat ambient, somewhat pop one-woman project that focuses on sampling techniques and their semi improvisational arrangements that eventually merge into an amalgamation of memory-like collages. Tracks from Heaps have been commissioned for the BBC 3 TV Show “School Of Zen Motoring” (Vivian for 2022 upcoming show), West Den Haag museum (Heaps, 2020 campaign), London Travelwatch (4AM, 2022 Campaign), and the award-winning Pathologies of Everyday Life short film (Merry Go, 2019) supported by Onassis Foundation. Her debut album “Heaps” is out 17/12 by Just Gazing Records. 

Why Saber Rider?

“Another wave of artists that emerge from Greece atm is a new breed of young musicians developing a new sound. Saber is one of them, she is about to release her debut mini-album very soon . But she is among the most interesting cases with a bright future ahead. Again here we have worked on an audio visual concept for her material.”

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