A conversation between Ella Overkleeft (former member of the Amsterdam Night Mayor Foundation) and Sama Abdulhadi (Palestinian artist) about the role of night culture for cities and why it should be protected.

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In collaboration with Canal180

Ella is the co-founder of Night-Mayor foundation in Amsterdam, and she advocates for a diverse, creative and inclusive nightlife for all; and Sama Abdulhadi empowers Arabic music artists and was the first female DJ playing in Boiler Room in Palestine. In this short conversation movie shot during TodaysArt festival in 2018, they expressed the need of representativeness and participatory decisions from the citizens during the night.

Both are fighting to educate society through clubbing and they talked about how night can change the day life and help breaking stereotypes and everyday life conventions. They believe that the night has the power to make us think about new possibilities, since it’s the period when we are more susceptible to new stimuli and to recognize new forms of expression.

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