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What impact did the crisis have on organizers and their activities? Were they able to find new formats to implement in this context? How are festivals tackling climate issues? How have movements such as #MeToo and Black Live Matters impacted the festival industry? And eventually — what does this all mean for the future(s) of festivals?

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Post-pandemic, Music Festivals will Encourage a New Wave of Tourism

Primavera @ We are Europe

Using Barcelona’s vibrant scene as a background, Andrea Trinidad demonstrates how hyper-local events may be instrumental in revitalizing cities in post-vaccine times. Photo Credit © Sergio Albert.

Festivals in Transition – but What Kind?

TodaysArt @ We are Europe

A panorama on measures taken by European festivals to transition to a greener future by reducing their carbon footprint. With examples from different scales (and points of view), these organizers show us that solutions do exist, even if it means completely redefining live acts and festivals. Photo Credit © Maurice Mikkers.

Blending Physical and Digital Experiences to Create New Festival Mechanisms

Sonar @ We are Europe

A spyglass-like look towards a future where festivals retain their newfound digital features while also regaining the physical gatherings that used to be their only component, as told through the experiences and thoughts of İrem Erkin. Photo Credit © Jordi Sellas.

Considerations About Gender and Racial Imbalances at Every Level of the Musical Festival Industry

Ortigia Sound System @ We are Europe

In light of recent shifts in the treatment of social issues within the western society as a whole, regarding representation, gender imbalances or inclusivity, Marco Salah El Din Tantawy from Ortigia Sound System Festival talks with Nur Al Habash, Charlotte Adigery and DJ Danielle whose thoughts and experiences embody these matters. Photo Credit © Ortigia Sound System.

Redefining the Festival Model Forms an Unexpected Opportunity for Inclusivity

TodaysArt @ We are Europe

New formats for festivals, merging smaller crowds with larger virtual programmation, may be the key to offer accessibility to all music enthusiasts. Through the stories of festival goers with disabilities preventing them from attending events, Natálie Zehnalová gives us perspective on a lasting positive impact the crisis may bring. Photo Credit © Maurice Mikkers.

An Utopia Born out of Crisis

Rokslide @ We are Europe

In an optimistic piece, Isabel Roudsarabi reflects on what can be expected in the foreseeable future, for European event entities that have learned to enact sustainability, ecological and progressives policies out of necessity. Photo Credit © Sascha Krautz.

Tectonic Shifts in the European Comic Book Festival Community

Comixology Originals Hall @ We are Europe

Through a roll call of Europe’s comics festivals, Nicholas Burman explores the issues the artistic scene is facing, whether it’s the decrease of consumer’s purchasing power or the artists’ fight for better standards of living. Photo Credit © Andrew Benge.

Strengthening the Eastern Bloc’s Local Cultural Scenes After the Pandemic

Oramics @ We are Europe

In this piece, Katarzyna Kwiatkowska (Oramics) raises questions on representativity of the Eastern Bloc’s creators within the electronic music worldwide community, and the disparity of treatment Eastern artists face compared to their Western counterparts. Photo Credit © Filip Preis.

Digital tools to be equipped for this socially-distant world

Caroline Sinders @ We are Europe

After an extensive attendance of early pandemic’s livestream events, Caroline Sinders ponders on how new digitals tools and practices are reshaping event planning while also unfortunately preserving some systemic limits. Photo Credit © Helena Majeswka.

“The Possibilities are Infinite”: is Virtual Reality the Future of the Music Festival?

Lost Horizon @ We are Europe

VR events like Lost Horizon and Soundscape’s Artist Link have provided live music alternatives during the pandemic; as events return, virtual reality festivals might just become the norm. Photo Credit © Lost Horizon.

Brouhaha Festival: Prospects for a Major Event for the Youth

Brouhaha Festival @ We are Europe

Implementing political and social notions in a music festival for the younger ages ? This festival experiment shows it can also be child’s play. In this feature, Louise Robert illustrates the benefits of creating social spaces for the younger generation to explore. Photo Credit © Anne-Cécile Bonnet.

Hideout Festival’s Mark Newton on the Future of Festivals

Hideout Festival @ We are Europe

The CEO of Croatia’s Hideout Festival shares his cautious optimism on the future of festivals in Europe, the recovering years to come and new challenges following Brexit’s implementation. Photo Credit © Hideout Festival.

These articles were conceived as a result of our first call for contributions that aimed to address the challenges and changes that festivals and cultural entities may face in the future. Thanks to the contributions we received, we were able to create the Future(s) of Festivals feature series. We’re open to new proposals for our next call for contributions, available here.

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