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An Industry Under Scope, Bringing Ethics to Fashion

Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Greece Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou discusses the effects of the fashion industry on the phenomenon of climate change as well as the issue of ethical fashion in a world that constantly promotes overconsumption.

Planet: Reconnect

Irina Nalis on Human Nature and Future Societies

Irina Nalis is a psychologist, cyclist, reader and techno veteran. We met with her ahead of Elevate Festival 2020 for a conversation around the festival's main theme, "Human Nature".

Planet: Reconnect

Living Within Us, Living Outside Us

Interview with the writer Alain Damasio, philosopher of the "living beings", at a time when it is essential to be with each other!

Planet: Reconnect

10 Questions to Bjarki

Iceland's Bjarki, who is part of our selection of our 2019 Faces of We are Europe selection, opens up about his perception of Europe, memories of a rave from Trip Record, ecological commitment and why people should be mobilised for European elections.

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