Nightivism Rokia Bamba @ We are Europe

Troubling Archives and Radiophonic Sound Waves: A Conversation with Sound Director Rokia Bamba

Through her relationship to the radiophonic medium, her work on colonial archives and her performances as a DJ in events linked to the LGBTQIA+ community, Rokia Bamba draws a canvas in which sound waves and activism are tethered. We met the radio anchor, DJ and sound director at Café Congo in Brussels, for a conversation as part of Nuits sonores Brussels & European Lab Brussels.

Nightivism Au dela du club @ We are Europe

Using Poetry to go Beyond Clubbing - An Exchange with Sarah Gamrani

During the European Lab, we met Sarah Gamrani (Hawa Sarita), who is behind the collection of poems "Au-delà du club" (Beyond Club). Her research into public space and poetry takes a thoughtful and enlightened look at the place of women in mainstream and alternative cultures. This conversation puts into words and arguments a discomfort that is sometimes difficult to express, and raises issues that should be urgently tackled, now more than ever.


Sentimental Rave on Club Culture

A portray of French dj and activist Sentimental Rave made while she was invited to play at TodaysArt festival in 2019.


Club To Cloud #05 — Pérola Negra Club (Porto)

New club featured as part of We are Europe series Club To Cloud is Porto-based Pérola Negra Club, with Jonathan Tavares, in charge of the venue's booking and management.


Club To Cloud #04 — Macadam (Nantes)

A series of articles to showcase and support European nightclubs. Next episode of "Club To Cloud" highlights the work of Nantes-based Macadam club, with founders Alexis Tenaud and Maxime Durand.

Nightivism Kaiku Club

Club To Cloud #03 — Kaiku (Helsinki)

A series of articles to showcase and support European nightclubs. Third episode of "Club To Cloud" highlights the work of renowned Helsinki-based Kaiku club, with Mikko Anisimoff who's in charge of communications & marketing


The Night is a Space of Culture, Creation & of Democratic Effervescence

In this tribune, Arty Farty director Vincent Carry shares his vision on the role of the night culture in today's society. He highlights how the current democratic and social movements, the struggle against authoritarian regimes and the great youth movement for climate issues, find an echo in the night and in its cultural, artistic, festive, and collective representation.

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