Cyber Space Simili Gum @ We are Europe

Livestreaming in Lockdown: Space-Time in Online “Fan Communities”

Ever since blogs and forums populated the internet, virtual spaces have been a hotbed for fan communities. In this piece, Dimitri Aurousseau, manager of psychedelic rapper Simili Gum and one of the founders of label White Garden, investigates the new practices born out of the recent spike in online live interactions, and what it means for online users.

Agora Europe Eyeharp @ We are Europe

Music Born from our Gaze: Introducing EyeHarp

For the last 3 years Zacharias Vamvakousis has been delivering music lessons to people with disabilities using the EyeHarp music interface. The software is the result of his research activity and is one of the first musical instruments to be played with the eyes.

Cyber Space Rare Candy 3D @ We are Europe

Reworks Talks - Insights on "NFT Culture"

In this conversation recorded during the 2021 edition of Reworks Agora in Thessaloniki, we exchange with Rosspeili, NFT advisor from virtual art publishing house Rare Candy 3D, on the discourses surrounding cryptocurrencies within our governmental structures. How are European legislators preparing for the spread of these new practices? What should the public do in anticipation of the democratisation of crypto-practices?

Cyber Space Joana Moll, Walther LeKon © We are Europe

Elevate Talks: A Conversation with Joana Moll

As critical as it is elegant, Joana Moll’s work finds its place at the intersection of art, research and activism. In the recent years Moll conducted investigations on the accessibility of user data in the realm of dating sites, on the environmental impact of data traffic on large-scale platforms and implementing carbon budget to venues and organisms. We had the opportunity to chat with her during the 2021 edition of Elevate Festival in Graz.

Culture: Reset! Ida Tallin @ We are Europe

Navigating the Independent Online Radio Scene in Europe - Long Feature

We take a closer look at online radio stations operating across Europe, their missions, their background and the connections between them. Independent radio representatives share their experiences, as well as their thoughts on the present and future of online radio in Europe.

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