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Elevate Talks: A Conversation with Joana Moll

As critical as it is elegant, Joana Moll’s work finds its place at the intersection of art, research and activism. In the recent years Moll conducted investigations on the accessibility of user data in the realm of dating sites, on the environmental impact of data traffic on large-scale platforms and implementing carbon budget to venues and organisms. We had the opportunity to chat with her during the 2021 edition of Elevate Festival in Graz.

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Navigating the Independent Online Radio Scene in Europe - Long Feature

We take a closer look at online radio stations operating across Europe, their missions, their background and the connections between them. Independent radio representatives share their experiences, as well as their thoughts on the present and future of online radio in Europe.

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Using Blockchains To Save the Commons

How blockchain can be used to protect our world and common goods? Elevate Festival explored the topic during its 2020 edition.

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"Privacy Is About Human Dignity"

We met up with digital rights activist and privacy defender Katharina Nocun during European Lab 2019 (Lyon, France).

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