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Feature Series - Creative Europe

What impact did the crisis have on the cultural sector? How can the Creative Europe program be of help ? How can European cooperation renew cultural projects? And eventually — can we consider a common cultural policy in Europe?

Culture: Reset! Niko Havranek @ We are Europe

Creative Europe: A Vital Support In Austria

Europe Creative supports Austrian cultural actors by providing funding and mentoring. Their only obligation in return: to privilege the European interest by associating with other countries.

Culture: Reset! The Green @ We are Europe

In Portugal, Creative Europe Propels Performing Arts to New Heights.

European funds can help accelerate the development of cultural projects that cannot be supported on a national scale. This helping hand is sometimes saving, but it can also lead to bureaucratic complications and a need for structural adaptation. This article illustrates this, using Portuguese live art as a backdrop.

Culture: Reset! Ida Tallin @ We are Europe

Navigating the Independent Online Radio Scene in Europe - Long Feature

We take a closer look at online radio stations operating across Europe, their missions, their background and the connections between them. Independent radio representatives share their experiences, as well as their thoughts on the present and future of online radio in Europe.

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Feature Series - Future(s) of Festivals

What impact did the crisis have on organizers and their activities? Were they able to find new formats to implement in this context? How are festivals tackling climate issues? How have movements such as #MeToo and Black Live Matters impacted the festival industry? And eventually — what does this all mean for the future(s) of festivals?

Future(s) of Festivals Terraforma Festival @ We are Europe

A Conversation with Terraforma Festival's Creative Director

Ruggero Pietromarchi, creative director at Milan's Terraforma explains the steps the festival took in the recent years to incorporate green initiatives and how the platform transitioned because of the pandemic.

Culture: Reset!

We are embarking on the next phase of our project, with the launch of a new website and media platform. Aimed at reporting throughout the year on the cultural transformations shaping the Europe of tomorrow, it will feature stories from all over the continent, as told by the very people driving these changes.

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