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Resistant and Resilient: Perspectives for Independent Culture in Hungary

To cultural independents dismay, Viktor Orban kept his majority following Hungary’s 2022 election. This setback called for an overview of the independents situation in the country. What are the institutional or structural obstacles that threaten cultural independents activity? Are there any windows of hope? In this piece, researcher, community advocate & policy adviser Levente Polyak describes a threatened, but still beating sector.

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Quiet Return to Music in Post-Pandemic Turkey

As of March 2022, a majority of the pandemic restrictions have been lifted but the music ban continues which implies that it is more of an intervention on the lifestyles of the citizens of the country with an intolerance to the music scene and particularly the nightlife.

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Hurdles in Turkey's Current Art Scene

In this piece, Alexandra de Cramer shares her insights on the state of Istanbul's art scene, shaken by the recent health crisis and previous events.

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Where To Now?

Coming back to "business as usual" after the recent years was, in one word, uncanny. Carin Abdulà, head agent at Outer Agency, opens up on her state of mind during times when the process of "planning -> preparing -> cancelling" is repeated enough to make someone feel like Sisyphus.

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A Fruitful Future for Musicians

Interdisciplinary artist Lieneke Pisters reflects on the opportunities she intercepted during her analysis of the music industry, a colossal entity forced to mutate in light of recent events. This piece exposes what Pisters learned, and puts it in perspective with other mold-breaking moments in the industry.

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Europe: A New Breath for Culture?

For the cultural sector, the consequences of the pandemic are felt beyond emergency fundings. The impact differs according to artistic disciplines and European countries. In addition to the cross-border projects of Europe Creative, setting up of a common cultural policy could be a solution to rebuild the Europe of culture.

Culture: Reset! Kalle Nio @ We are Europe

Feature Series - Creative Europe

What impact did the crisis have on the cultural sector? How can the Creative Europe program be of help ? How can European cooperation renew cultural projects? And eventually — can we consider a common cultural policy in Europe?

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Creative Europe: A Vital Support In Austria

Europe Creative supports Austrian cultural actors by providing funding and mentoring. Their only obligation in return: to privilege the European interest by associating with other countries.

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In Portugal, Creative Europe Propels Performing Arts to New Heights.

European funds can help accelerate the development of cultural projects that cannot be supported on a national scale. This helping hand is sometimes saving, but it can also lead to bureaucratic complications and a need for structural adaptation. This article illustrates this, using Portuguese live art as a backdrop.

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