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Artists in Exile: A conversation with Judith Depaule

Launched in 2017, L'atelier des artistes en exil has set itself the mission of accompanying artistic personalities in exile in France. Initially set up to respond to a request from these people lost in a country they do not know and faced with social and practical obstacles, the association has over time experienced a success that could be described as "bitter", as the need for its existence is a reflection of a sad state of the world. Invited to the Brussels edition of the travelling discussion and debate forum European Lab, we met Judith Depaule, instigator of the Atelier des artistes en exil.

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Artists in the Immediate Proximity of the War

In this article, author Arnaud Contreras collects the thoughts and words of cultural figures operating at the back of the war, in countries and regions close to the aggression. Through these words, questions emerge: In a context of war, what changes do artists in the immediate proximity feel? What actions can they take? What is their position towards Russian artists?

Agora Europe City Guides Lyon @ We are Europe

City Guides - Lyon

Deep dive into Lyon's local scene with some of its figures. We explore bookstores, bars, webradios, clubs and more with local DJs, producers and record shop owners who helped define the scene.

Agora Europe Eyeharp @ We are Europe

Music Born from our Gaze: Introducing EyeHarp

For the last 3 years Zacharias Vamvakousis has been delivering music lessons to people with disabilities using the EyeHarp music interface. The software is the result of his research activity and is one of the first musical instruments to be played with the eyes.

Agora Europe Yves Citton @ We are Europe

European Lab Winter Forum: Meeting Yves Citton

As the next European Lab Winter Forum approaches, we revisit conversations shared with last edition's speakers. Among them, Yves Citton, philosopher, essayist and inspired writer, opened up on "collapsology" and our relation to it. Interview.

Agora Europe Alain Damasio @ We are Europe

European Lab Winter Forum: Meeting Alain Damasio

European Lab Winter Forum is back on the 22nd of January for a day of discourses at Ground Control in Paris, focused on migration narratives. We take this opportunity to dive back in the highlights of the previous installments. Today, this exchange shared with novelist Alain Damasio, on his book “Les Furtifs”.

Agora Europe Unsound @ We are Europe

Deep Authentic: Dive Back into Unsound's Discourses

From the 13th to the 17th of October, Unsound Festival brought music, performances and discourses to Krakow's cultural venues. After an unprecedented sequence, it was important to restart, but also - more than ever - to discuss. Fortunately, Unsound's discourses are now available online.

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