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We are Europe Meets... Ariadne von Schirach

In an effort to answer questions that haunted her since her high-school days, Ariadne von Schirach dedicated her life to dissecting the inner vices that our western societies foster. Why are we so eager to be sexy? What does it mean to be European? Asking these questions could be a first step towards building new and comprehensive narratives.

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64 Face of We are Europe : Caterina Di Fazio

Their voices and narratives are shaping the future of Europe: in this episode, we meet with philosopher and co-founder of Agora Europe : Caterina Di Fazio.

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Tamara Ehs on Humanity in Times of a Global Pandemic

Elevate festival invited Tamara Ehs, who is part of the Faces of We are Europe, to speak during their discourse programme in 2020. This interview has been conducted during the event, which happened to take place on the weekend before the Austrian lockdown. It comes with a short statement she had sent in April 2021, one year after, when we asked for a few words regarding the current situation of humanity in times of a global pandemic.

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10 Questions to Mathis Hampel

Mathis Hampel is an Austrian climate geographer, science and technology researcher and universal basic income advocate. He runs the climate change blog in the daily newspaper Der Standard and publishes internationally on relevant topics. Since 2018, he has been heading the editorial office of the civil society association Generation Grundeinkomme.

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10 Questions to Hior

After having performed at Nuits sonores in May, and Reworks festival last month, the artist, whose next album Blind Heaven will be released on 7K!Label on the 08 November, sat down with us to answer our 10 questions.

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European Cuisine

Are we capable of imagining that the European saucepan that goes with our lid might be woven from cultural and social matter? In order to bring meaning to the existence of its lid, does the saucepan have to define a “European culture”?

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