Agora Europe Yves Citton @ We are Europe

European Lab Winter Forum: Meeting Yves Citton

As the next European Lab Winter Forum approaches, we revisit conversation shared with last edition's speakers. Among them, Yves Citton, philosopher, essayist and inspired writer, opened up on "collapsology" and our relation to it. Interview.

Agora Europe Alain Damasio @ We are Europe

European Lab Winter Forum: Meeting Alain Damasio

European Lab Winter Forum is back on the 22nd of January for a day of discourses at Ground Control in Paris, focused on migration narratives. We take this opportunity to dive back in the highlights of the previous installments. Today, this exchange shared with novelist Alain Damasio, on his book “Les Furtifs”.

Agora Europe Unsound @ We are Europe

Deep Authentic: Dive Back into Unsound's Discourses

From the 13th to the 17th of October, Unsound Festival brought music, performances and discourses to Krakow's cultural venues. After an unprecedented sequence, it was important to restart, but also - more than ever - to discuss. Fortunately, Unsound's discourses are now available online.

Agora Europe Marcell Mars @ We are Europe

We are Europe meets... Marcell Mars

Activist and advanced internet user Marcell Mars breaks down the inner workings of his virtual tools, that could help bring knowledge to remote parts of the world, by printing entire books and manuals, even without an internet connection.

Agora Europe Ariadne Von Schirach @ We are Europe

We are Europe Meets... Ariadne von Schirach

In an effort to answer questions that haunted her since her high-school days, Ariadne von Schirach dedicated her life to dissecting the inner vices that our western societies foster. Why are we so eager to be sexy? What does it mean to be European? Asking these questions could be a first step towards building new and comprehensive narratives.

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The Battle of Narratives - Musical Narratives : Hybridization & Experimentation

From the 7th to the 9th of June, Arty Farty's team organized a series of talks, conferences and workshops centered around the subject of shifting narratives on the European level. In the 3 days of European Lab, over 80 guest speakers exchanged and debated over themes like inclusivity, sustainability, gender and racial representativity, afropeanity and more.

Agora Europe

64 Face of We are Europe : Caterina Di Fazio

Their voices and narratives are shaping the future of Europe: in this episode, we meet with philosopher and co-founder of Agora Europe : Caterina Di Fazio.

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