We sat down with Australian club force Nite Fleit for an hour during Nuits sonores Lab.

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: Liam Oz

Nite Fleit first appointment with a deejay deck came in 2015. In 2016 came producing, which was introduced to the Australian-born artist through a friends’ M8-20 and a TR8. Fast forward a few years, Fleit moves to the UK where she’s currently based, in the meantime she added a few entries to her catalog, on imprints such as Planet Euphorique, Steel City Dance Discs and Return To Disorder, Helena Hauff’s label, whom invited Fleit to perform on her curated night in the latest edition of Nuits sonores in Lyon.

Listen to the full discussion to hear more about Nite Fleit, from deejaying in bush doofs, to her latest project Day Fleit – Nite Fleit, a split album oscillating between day and nite with gremlin-like agility.

The interview was conducted by David bola and recorded during Nuits sonores and European Lab, with Radio Kapitał, IDA Radio, Rádio Quântica and Rinse France.


Nite Fleit – Overload 
Nite Fleit – Like I Used To Be
Nite Fleit – The Technologies of Pleasure
Nite Fleit – Borderline
Nite Fleit – Can’t You See

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